whiteonwhite at Vitruvian Thing
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White on White

by Fanis Gioles

Vitruvian Thing, Ptolemaeon 29A, 4th fl., 54630, Thessaloniki


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White on White

by Fanis Gioles

Vitruvian Thing, Ptolemaeon 29A, 4th fl., 54630, Thessaloniki

Bare white body fixed white on white invisible

A consciousness between two situations tries to analyze the surrounding space through episodic memory while it is indifferent for the past and the future.

White on white is an alternative approach on S.Beckett’s Ping, a text with no narrator, repetitive word patterns and where the only punctuation point is the dots. Sound is combined with video image and either they substitute or they supplement the words of the text, as each word acquire more importance as separate entity rather than in the conceptual flow of the text.

Fanis Gioles is a sound artist, performer and percussionist living in Germany (Hamburg, Berlin).
He studied physics and experimental percussion, worlds that ended up combined after a long journey through mathematical logic, relativity, quantum physics, baroque aesthetics, complexity, musique concrète and electronic music.
He has been highly active in the fields of improvisation, music theater, sound based installations and performance, he is one of the founders and artistic directors of the multidisciplinary network ‘Volans’ and his works has been presented in many places in and outside Europe.
His way of practice varies from self-made instruments to multichannel soundscapes and noise improvisation. He has been highly influenced by C. Monske (discipline), K. Theodorakos(aesthetics), M. Stahnke(ethics) and T. Adachi(limits). www.fanisgioles.com


  • Performance, Sound, Video: Fanis Gioles
  • Space design, Video: Anna Syrianou

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