Apply to perform

We are interested in hosting forward-thinking, contemporary works in the following forms:

  • Music
    Non-commercial, experimental projects, improvisation, electroacoustic music, as well as unique, difficult to categorise ideas. Original works only (no covers).
  • Dance and Performing Arts
    Contemporary dance, dancetheatre, interactive performances, theatre, experimental actions. The stage size is around 45m², generally suitable for up to three performers.
  • Screenings
    Video art, animation, experimental films, videodances, independent productions. For dance films, see also our TCI festival.

Please fill the form below:

*e.g youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, incl. the “http://” part

* If selecting 2 days or more above, please specify in the description field.

* feel free to put a date range or other specification, e.g. “any Saturday of December” or “Any date next March”.

Hire the venue and services
(Fixed rent and services. See terms and conditions below)

Ticket split with unspecified ticket
(See terms and conditions below)

Ticket split with specific ticket
(See terms and conditions below)

Apply for a Die Wolke-sponsored production
(Very limited event slots, invitation-only. Let us know about your project, and we’ll get in touch if it is selected)

Unspecified tickets are kind of free contribution, an open ticket on entry.

I have read and agree with the terms and conditions below.

What to expect:

Sound & music: Low volume, high quality. 4.1 Surround sound available.
Lighting: Variety of computer-controlled LED cans/bars + limited tungsten Fresnel spots
Usually very quiet audience
Capacity: 50/60 per show
Double performances (afternoon/evening) desirable, if demand exists
No bar

Live music: We favour album presentations, work with visuals/screenings, synergies with dance and/or technology
Dance & performance: Good fit for solos & small companies that can make good use of restricted space/ informal setting

Terms and Conditions

Generally, artist or group must not have performed in Thessaloniki for 3 months.
No other announced shows in Thessaloniki for the next month.
Films must not have been screened recently in Thessaloniki, and must not be available online.

Performing at VT generally entails a booking fee, which covers venue expenses, staff, and event management (web, social media, etc).
For unspecified tickets:
- the venue retains a minimum amount between €100-150 first, depending on the event’s complexity and schedule
- the rest goes to the artist up to the same amount as above
- any remaining revenue gets divided 50/50
- social insurance costs may apply
For fixed tickets:
- the artist/producer will issue their own tickets. Tickets at VT generally range from €7 to €15 incl. VAT.
- the venue and services can be booked in two ways:
-- fixed amount, between €100-€200 depending on schedule and staff requirements
-- ticket percentage split: venue charges between 30-50%, depending on ticket amount and event schedule/complexity
- artist social insurance costs are the responsibility of the production

Vitruvian Thing does not guarantee the covering of travel/accommodation expenses or other fees.
Payments for intellectual property, if any, are the artist’s responsibility

If tickets issued by Vitruvian Thing are used, the artist needs a valid VAT invoice for services rendered. For EU residents outside Greece, the VAT number must be validated with VIES, and VAT will be exempt. An EU “A1” document, proving that insurance is provided in another country, is also necessary to avoid charges by state social insurance.

Venue provides reservation management, info page on website, social network events. Generally, we cannot issue press releases.
Sound and lighting tech support, soundcheck time, rehearsals, etc, are provided on the day of the event. Further use of the space is possible, subject to agreement. Personell fees must be covered in this case, please ask us for a quote.
Posters are designed by the artist (VT can supply logos and info), VT manages printing and distribution of a small quantity (30-40).
Local artists are expected to assist with poster distribution.

Cancellations are only possible 2 months in advance for concerts, 4 months for dance, theatre, festivals, and other multi-day events or events with multiple rehearsals.