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Alexia Simati, Vasilis Avdelas

Vitruvian Thing, Ptolemaeon 29A, 4th fl., 54630, Thessaloniki


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Alexia Simati, Vasilis Avdelas

Vitruvian Thing, Ptolemaeon 29A, 4th fl., 54630, Thessaloniki

“ How can acceptance be achieved in a world of “normal”, when the outside expression of gender does not match the information on the ID card? How can I not accept my prison-body, even if it goes against the socially acceptable? How can I not accept it, when it is the only way to freedom?”

Thoughts on the person's social acceptance - especially by himself - with physical connotations that even refer to the question of gender as the only way to freedom, are examined in the dance performance “ACCEPTER”, conceived and choreographed by Alexia Simati, with music by Vasilis Avdelas.

Conception, choreography, performance: Alexia Simati
Musical composition: Vasilis Avdelas
Director of photographt: Constantinos Bouhagiar
Lighting: Antonis Chondrogiannis
Poster: Dimitris Politis

Alexia Simati
She was born in Corfu in 1979. She graduated from the Greek National School of Dance in 2002 and has since attended seminars with renowned teachers on modern dance and improvisation. She is a founding member of the Ionian ACT group for which she has danced in the “Ecolapsis” performances in 2007, “Baobab” in 2009, “Someone will come” in 2012 and “Toy Story” in 2013. She has also choreographed for the Ionian Corfu Academy an Eva Demokostoula’s electronic music composition in 2011. She has also co-choreographed with Stathis Nafsika the song “Which side are you on” for the 2 ART group which was presented in Thessaloniki and Corfu. In 2012 she played in Aristotle Magoula’s theater performance “Behind Closed Eyelids” in Corfu and Thessaloniki. In 2014 she creates her first personal choreographic work titled “Narcissus”, presented in Corfu, Patras and Thessaloniki and in 2016 “Bardo Passing”, which was presented at the Garage Performing Arts Center in Corfu.

Vasilis Avdelas
Vasilis Avdelas lives and works in Thessaloniki,Greece. Using his favorite synths as his main expressive tool, while using a wide palette of sounds from other musical and non musical instruments and field recordings, produces music which sometimes accompanies art exhibitions, dance theater and other performances and other times is transformed into complete concept albums, meanwhile actively participating in music groups.

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