15 DEC

Caldera Trio

Acoustic Series
Caldera Trio, 15 Dec, Vitruvian Thing
Caldera Trio are a musical gathering that aims to fuse sonorities, techniques, styles, and traditions, as they are formed through a time-staking process of aesthetic choices and discards.

Pavlos Spiropoulos - double bass, Tilemachos Roudniklis - classical guitar, Dimitris Tasoudis - drums
19 JAN

Babis Papadopoulos

Electric Solo
Babis Papadopoulos, 19 Jan, Vitruvian Thing
Babis Papadopoulos, known as a member of band Trypes, presents a programme of his own instrumental compositions, pieces from his entire musical career, and prominent improvisational elements.

For this musical journey, with his guitar, effects, and loops on his side, he crosses from lyricism to modernism and the world of musical impressions.
30-31 MAR

Unit Motives: GRM

Solo choreography on music by GRM composers
Unit Motives: GRM
Die Wolke art group calls, for a third consecutive year, choreographers and dancers to its Unit Motives initiative for the creation of solo contemporary dance works on musical works by great 20th century composers. This year, the event aims to explore the different kinetic and choreographic approaches to the interpretation of works by the Groupe de Recherches Musicales, with composers such as Pierre Schaeffer, Bernard Parmeggiani, Luke Ferrari, and others.
Open call for participations
25-26 MAY

Trajectory of an Idea

by Die Wolke art group
Trajectory of an Idea
A piece featuring interaction between movement and audiovisual elements via sensor technology. Funded by the Ministry of Culture.

The Venue

Vitruvian Thing interior

Art space, contemporary dance stage, live music venue, audiovisual studio. Home of the fuzzy mind and the experimentally inclined psyche. And Die Wolke Art Group’s headquarters.

Inside the 130 sq.m. space one finds a theatrical stage with an arsenal of audiovisual technology supporting it, an electronics lab, an editing/color grading/VFX workstation, sound and lights, a 5m projection screen, cameras, and a host of sensor and controller apparatus. Also a small number of people that are adept at utilising the aforementioned implements to creative effect. Vitruvian Thing is intended to host all kinds of experimental activities, collaborations, and educational events: dancetheatre performances, live music, film projections, installations, theatre, talks, exhibitions.

Events at Vitruvian Thing are invariably underscored by our philosophy of quality and respect towards audience and artists. The venue, as well as its managing group Die Wolke, is a non-profit endeavour (Die Wolke is a registered non-profit company).

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Vitruvian Thing seats 50 people in four rows. Most shows have multiple times/dates, so reservations are necessary to help us manage attendance.

We make it a point to start on time, to break the vicious circle of showtime delays that encourage belated arrivals and so on.

We recommed that you subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed. Social networks no longer work as they should for most people. We will never abuse your email address!


We are always looking for interesting performances to host, that meet our mission statement: high quality, forward thinking art; experimental, innovative ideas by contemporary artists; cross-disciplinary, intermedial technique; including, but certainly not limited to, dancetheatre, contemporary experimental/electroacoustic music, performance art, movie screenings, and more.

The stage is about 40m² of black, antivibrational, with computer-controlled lighting, wide projection area, sound system, 5m screen, etc. Contact us for booking info.


UP is our new rehearsal space. With around 90m² of 100% support antivibrational floor, UP is a flexible room that is particularly suitable for dance and theatre lessons, rehearsals, workshops, etc. An open, well-lit space, with clean, uncluttered aesthetics, lots of natural light, acoustic control.

UP is available to book by the hour, while special deals for recurring events are available. Contact us for booking info.


The space is bookable as a studio for seminars, workshops, rehearsals, video shooting sessions, general-purpose experimentalism, or any other purpose, with or without staff.

We also host Occam’s Sharpener, the post-production unit responsible for the visual effects in Imago, as well as various other visual media and programming projects.


Unspecified contribution
Unspecified ticket

At Vitruvian Thing, we acknowledge the difficult financial circumstances of this period. So, unless otherwise noted, admittance to the events we host entails an unspecified amount: you decide how much the ticket should be and, in doing so, you are supporting the artists and helping Die Wolke keep the venue running. At the entrance, we issue donation coupons to acknowledge your contribution, equivalent to receipts, as required by law.

So, upon arrival at Vitruvian Thing and checking in at the welcome desk, you can choose your own price of admission: literally as much as you think is just right for you. You receive your coupon, and enjoy the show.

Some events, though, especially festivals or acts coming from outside Thessaloniki, might entail a specific ticket. These will be clearly noted, and presale will be offered, instead of reservations.

Terms and conditions of admittance

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Home of the fuzzy mind and the experimentally inclined psyche.
Ptolemaeon 29A, 4th floor, 54630, Thessaloniki

Run by Die Wolke art group, a registered non-profit company.
Parking: 24h local (unrelated) underground parking facility on Amvrosiou str (same block, 50m). Bus: Antegonidon stop, on Egnatia str.